Project description

Our team  assist with the ongoing development of a new front-end for, using the latest version of Angular.

We were able to collaborate closely with the UK development team and achieve good results.  Our team played an important role in delivering the new front-end successfully.

Main task we were assigned to was restructuring existing code to improve its readability, maintainability, and/or performance, without changing its functionality. By refactoring the front-end code, team addressed technical debt, removed unnecessary code, and improved the overall architecture of the codebase.

By migrating to the latest version of Angular we were updating the application code to use the latest Angular features and APIs. This provided a number of benefits, such as improved performance, better security, and access to new features.

Overall, refactoring and migrating the front-end code to the latest version of Angular help to improve the user experience and ensure that the application remains up-to-date with the latest technology.

Client was happy with end result and project was successfully released to general public.

Technology stack used on the project :

Angular 15